Cisco WIC-1T Card

Cisco WIC-1T Card
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  • Item #: WIC-1T
  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Condition: Used
The Cisco WIC-1T is a one port Serial WAN Interface Card that provides serial connections to remote sites or legacy serial network devices. These legacy serial network devices can include alarm systmens, packet over SONET devices, and Synchronous Data Link Control concentrators (also known as SDLC). The WIC-1T features a single serial port, using the Cisco 60-pin “5-in-1” connector. This particular connector can be EIE-530, X.21, RS-449, RS-232, or V.35 on one end, depending on the customer’s needs, and is always DB-60 on the other end. This Serial WAN Interface Card uses the same cabling that you would use for Cisco 2500 and Cisco 7000 serial ports. Each WIC-1T has one LED (labeled CONN for each port) that lights up when the serial port is connected. If the port is in DTE mode, the CONN LED indicates that DSR, DCD, and CTS have been detected. If the port is in DCE (Data Communications Equipment) mode, it will indicate that the DTR and RTS have been detected. It is important to note that the WIC-1T does not support hot swap, but should it be swapped while the power is on, no hardware damage will occur.
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